Image of a Trabasack Media Mount holding an iPad upright on a white background
Photograph shows a remote control being held securely via a Media Mount on the tray surface of a Curve Connect with orange trim, and the packaging for the Media MountPhotograph of side view of a Trabasack Media Mount holding an iPad upright on the tray surface of a Trabasack Curve Connect with blue trimIllustration of the many uses of the Trabasack Media Mount, including holding an iPhone, water bottle and book upright

Trabasack Media Mount


  • Flexible mount that can be shaped to fit around iPads, Kindles, Books and more
  • Keeps items upright, steady and secure whilst in use
  • Created for use with the Trabasack Curve Connect and Mini Connect lap tray bags
  • Velcro strip along one side securely attaches to Connect tray surface to keep items at the perfect angle
  • Multipurpose, innovative design can be used with a whole manner of items

Product Description

The Trabasack Media Mount is used in conjunction with both the Curve Connect and Mini Connect, to provide a flexible, multi-purpose mounting device.

The soft, padded Media Mount can be twisted and shaped to fit around almost any item, helping to keep it upright, angled and secure.

The Media Mount features a velcro strip down one side, which attaches to the tray surface of our range of Connect lap desk bags, ensuring items remain steady and secure whilst in use.

Perfect for use with many types of home electrical devices, such as hand-held games, iPads, Kindles and remote controls, to bottles, cups, children’s toys and more.

The easy-grip handles allow you to manipulate the Media Mount with ease, and the straight-forward design ensures it can be used by all.

Additional Information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 27.2 x 16.8 x 7 cm


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