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Product Review – Bibetta Baby Bibs

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We’re not big bib people – I was happy enough to change Jessamy’s tops when she was smaller if she got covered in food which amazingly didn’t happen very often. Lottie is different. Lottie is a food demon, she grabs things before they’re even confirmed as hers and this Friday had the top slice of bread off a sandwich before it had reached the table – she is permanently covered in food and so receiving these Bibetta Bibs for review was pretty timely.

Two images of the same baby girl sat in a colourful highchair - photo to the left shows baby is crying, photo to the left the baby is smiling and laughing

Two different expressions – both mean stop photographing and feed me NOW!

Lottie was the lucky recipient of both a turquoise and green Bibetta bib. They’re different from normal bibs as they’re made from highly absorbent microfibre fabrics so feel soft on their skin as well as being waterproof. Lottie has very sensitive skin so I try not to let her get too soaked or covered in food as she’s likely to end up covered in rashes.

Lottie got suitably covered in food when we used the bibs but they managed to keep all of it off her clothes. They also came perfectly clean when washed and now have a permanent home in the changing bag as it’s almost inevitable she’ll end up getting completely covered in something whilst we’re out and about.

Two side-by-side photographs of the same baby girl, each a close up of her being spoon-fed. Image to the left shows her wearing a turquoise bib, image to the right a green bib


I’d personally use these bibs specifically for feeding rather than for dribble as they are quite large and Lottie did try and tug at them if left on after eating – she’d probably have them off in five seconds if she was wearing them to catch her endless stream of dribble. They are described as dribble bibs but this is probably more down to their bandana shape rather than what they’re supposed to be used for.

Bibetta Dribble Bibs retail at £6.95 and are available in the two above shades as well as pink (we weren’t offered pink woohoo). The bibs have also been nominated for and won several awards so I’m not alone in thinking they’re a worthwhile product to have – especially whilst weaning.

We’ve washed our bibs 5+ times so far and they’re still going strong – can’t say fairer than that.

Thank you to Lottie and mum Bethan at for her wonderful review of the Bibetta Super Soft Dribble Bibs.

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