Product Review – Clothes Protectors: Tabards

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Photograph of an elderly lady sat down, smiling and wearing a long-length burgundy adult tabard - her hand is being held by a man who is out of shot There are many instances in which keeping the clothing clean and protected can be difficult in adulthood. However, the indignity of a bib is not something anyone should have to put up with. Tabards are designed to ensure people who require clothes protection when eating, drinking or due to excess salivation issues, don’t feel compromised and lose their dignity.

Tabards are designed to be easy to put on and pull off as necessary and can be found in a range of bright colours, rather than the clinical white you’d usually see from disposable bibs and aprons. They’re designed with the user’s needs in mind and have those with feeding difficulties at the heart.

Photograph of a grinning toddler girl, wearing brightly-coloured stripy tights and a bright purple Bibetta clothing protector.

Bibetta Adult Tabards are constructed from neoprene which makes them easy to wipe clean and keep fresh. They are long last and sit comfortably on the neckline. This type of clothing protection is designed to resist water and stains whilst also being comfortable to wear. It doesn’t look out of place and can be easily slipped on top of your normal clothes.

They can be bought for people of all sizes from young children to large adults and are both machine washable and tumble dryable.

Photograph of a smiling middle-aged man wearing a royal blue coloured adult tabardTabards are much longer and smarter than traditional bibs and are designed to be subtle and dignified. They have wide shoulder coverage but a short back which means they can be taken on and off with ease and offer an additional durability above your traditional bib.

This type of clothes protection is perfect for use at home as well as when out and about and the discreet style means that any wearer can feel comfortable in any social environment. They also make life a little easier for the carers out there.

Tabard Clothes Protection: In Review

Tabards are essential for many people and used every day and below are some reviews we’ve seen about the products and how valuable they can be:

“They are a great tool for anyone who wants to make a mess but at the end still look their best.”

Simon Stevens, Independent disability issues consultant trainer and activist. Stevens also explains that he is

“proud to wear [his tabards/smocks], even for business meetings at my office and in my profile pictures because that is a part of who I am, it is that simple.”

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