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Product Review – Greeper Sports Laces

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Using Greepers for Triathlons

Greeper reviews and tips, from the UK’s number one best-selling triathlon magazine

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A lace that ensures a secure fit and swift transition will harness those hundreds of training hours – Greeper laces chosen as 220 Triathlon’s ‘Best on Test’.

Close-up photograph of a black trainer shoe with bright green Greeper sports laces with a green star logo at the bottom right with text "Best on Test"Cheltenham-based Greeper have scored highly in our tests before. Their product has been tweaked but, wisely, the locking system remains the same. Simply guide the lace (100% polyester, not a flimsy elastic effort) through the eyelets in reverse, until securing the toe end via a small plastic connector.

The tongue end is where the genius happens with a toggle system that you pull up to relieve pressure; lace loops bursting out each side of the toggle tightener. This design clamps the shoe in with confidence and is impressively quick. The tweaks are plastic stoppers on the loops to prevent the lace sticking in the toggle and better stitching on the pull tab. The latter was imperceptible; the former is a small but useful change. Their relatively bulky size can put off shorter-distance athletes, but we know from experience that’s more a perception issue than a real one.

Verdict: Who’d have thought so much know-how could live within a lace? 93%


You’ve sweated buckets, strained every sinew and now you’re ready to race. Well, nearly… 220 Triathlon tested Greepers as part of a selection of items five designed to give you the big day edge.

Image of orange Greeper sports laces on a black backgroundWe’ve tested Greeper laces before and, despite fierce competition from French outfit Xtenex and their bobbly efforts, in our eyes – and on our feet – the UK product continues to lead the way. For those new to tri or 220, the traditional lacing system is replaced with a brilliant mechanism that requires no tying. Simply guide the Greeper through eyelets in reverse before clamping in place at the toe-end via a miniature plastic connector. Back at the tongue end, the ingenious toggle requires a gentle tug of its protruding loops to tighten. pull the toggle to ease pressure.

Sprinkling your shoe with talc and a modicum of practice will have you T2-ing faster than ever before. But, more importantly, your foot feels secure – unlike other systems that can leave your foot slipping about like Bambi on ice.

Verdict: Still the leader of the triathlon lacing pack 93%


Shave crucial race seconds for less than a tenner with a pair of triathlon elastic laces.

Ace of Lace – Greeper Sports laces come-in at number 6 in 220 Triathlon magazine’s top 10 tips for taking part and (hopefully!) winning your first Triathlon.

Image of yellow Greeper Sports laces on a white backgroundTriathlon’s image is one of svelte carbon bikes and pricey Yamamoto wetsuits. However, for an outlay of less than a tenner, you can potentially save more time than those two combined. Triathlon laces dispense with the traditional second-sapping knotted affair; instead, laces like Greeper and Xtenex feature locking systems that ensure a swift transition and stable stride.

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