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Logo for 220 Triathlon Magazine Best Buy Award is a blue star in a black circle with "220 Triathlon BEST BUY" text in whiteGreepers top the list of no stigma inclusive products and make wearing shoes with laces possible for children who may have had sensory or physical problems with them before. Greepers are award winning patented shoe laces which simply do not come undone yet can be loosened and tightened with ease. Greepers are highly inclusive and have been heralded as a Best Buy product by Triathlon Magazine.

Greepers give children the independence of wearing shoes with laces without the difficulty of them becoming untied. They also provide better support than Velcro or elastic laces as they utilise traditional nylon laces and support the feet properly, unlike elastic.
They have the backing of occupational therapists and physiotherapists and are used by athletes to aid their performance rather than elastic alternatives.

Close-up photograph of a child's white training shoes, outside, fitted with bright pink Greeper lacesGreepers can also halt the age old problem of children who repeatedly remove their shoes or lose them. These laces never come undone and remove the stress of trying to tie laces for children who have a physical or mental disability which prevents them for doing so.

What’s more, they come in a range of fantastic colours and styles from classic, professional black to more funky green and purple sports styles. They give parents more flexibility when looking for shoes for smart occasions when Velcro trainers won’t always do and give children more choice when it comes to picking their shoes too.

The ease and speed that Greepers offer means the morning routine can be over in a heartbeat and parents and carers can tick one task of their long list each day.

Customer Feedback:

“Bought these for my son who has dyspraxia and is unable to tie laces yet and have found them to be fantastic. They have given him his independence to be able to put his trainers on unaided.”

Greeper Laces banner featuring a close-up image of a foot mid-run, wearing a yellow and orange trainer fitted with bright orange Greeper laces. In the background is the view of a harbour in the distance. Text reads "Greepers - once applied, always tied!"

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