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Image of a Hydrant water bottle with a semi-opaque clear plastic body and blue lid with drinking tube attachedWater is one of the few human needs that can’t be questioned. We need to drink to live and need easy access to water at all times. There are many individuals who and instances in which it may be hard to access a drink in the regular fashion and that’s where Hydrant Drinking Bottles come in.

The Hydrant Drinking Bottle range comes in a number of different sizes and styles up to 1 litre. The original Hydrant is recognisable by its long accessible tube. It has been developed to fight dehydration in hospitals and is ideal for use if you struggle to grip or hold onto other drinking vessels. You can clip the Hydrant anywhere, from the back of a wheelchair to a hospital bed frame, and simply hold the drinking tube in your mouth ready to go.

The Sports Hydrant is more for people on the go and is designed to be easily clipped onto bicycles or belt loops for quick and easy hydration.
Many uses of Hydrants have been highlighted since their launch from being the perfect solution to accessing water when nursing a young baby to very active people on the go. One fan even highlighted how they “use this bottle on [their] hand bike so it’s ideal with the tube clipped to my jersey”.

Designed for Life

Hydrant Drinking Bottles are designed to be sturdy and long-lasting. They’re tough and durable and can be Image of a Hydrant drinks bottle containing purple juice, hanging from the back of a wheelchairattached easy to anything from chairs to bicycles thanks to their uniquely designed clip. The bottles too are designed with ease of use in mind with a contoured surface for gripping.
All Hydrant products are dishwasher-safe and so you can keep them clean for many uses. It is possible to by replacement tubes and mouthpieces for the original Hydrant bottle.

NHS Care Trust Endorses Hydrant Use on Wards

The Gloucestershire Care Services NHS Trust has recently given further endorsement to the innovative usability of the Hydrant, by recommending and using the Hydrant on wards across the county.
The idea was championed by Healthcare assistant Mercier Adams, who due to her knowledge of working with many different types of patients at her hospital, immediately saw the multitude of benefits the Hydrant could offer:

“We recently had a patient here with multiple sclerosis, and when she first came in she couldn’t move. She couldn’t reach a jug of water or a cup. She was so pleased with the Hydrant because she was still able to drink whenever she liked. It was absolutely ideal for her.”

Photograph of the side view of a man lying in a hospital bed drinking using the tube of a Hydrant water bottle that is attached to the head of the bed behind himIt has been estimated by NHS England, that for each £1 spent on the Hydrant in a healthcare setting, there’s the potential to save £16 in costs that would normally occur due to dehydration complications – providing substantial savings across the trust, with hopes to further expand use to rapid response teams and specialised nursing units.


Hands-Free Drinking Whilst Breastfeeding

Staying hydrated after your pregnancy, and especially whilst breastfeeding, is absolutely vital – yet many mothers across the country will know that keeping yourself hydrated (whilst hydrating your little one!) can be easier said than done. The Hydrant is the ideal breastfeeding companion, and would make a great gift for any breastfeeding mum. The Hydrant is also perfect partner for labour – another very vital time to keep as hydrated as possible.

The Hydrant bottle can be attached to headboards, chairs and more, and the drinking tube features a clip-on bite-valve that can be attached to clothing or bedding for easy, reliable access – whether sitting up or lying down – ensuring you can have a much-needed drink of water without having to move, whilst also keeping your hands-free for baby.

What do Customers Think?

The Hydrant range has a loyal fan base from all walks of life, below are some of the top reviews for this handy product:

“What a fabulous idea this hydrant bottle is! This has made life so much easier. The bottle fits on the back of the bed so there is water available whenever needed. Because of this, I have more independence. (I am bed-bound).
The end can be clipped onto the edge of the pillow so the person is not laying on the valve which lets water out.
This is such a clever invention and is very highly recommended.”
Autumn Stars, Amazon
“I bought two of these for my Grandmothers for Christmas. As they are both in wheelchairs it is ideal to clip on the back when we take them out and about. No more having to carry around heavy bottles or having to worry about them not getting enough fluid. One of my Grandma’s takes hers to bed with her to have her night time milky drink in. The other we found it very useful for when she went through a period of ill health and was bed bound. Fluid intake can sometimes be the difference between recovering or not when elderly and unwell, so it is good to know that this makes life easier and is a good measure of intake too.”
Miranda, Amazon
“I bought a Hydrant so I can drink when breastfeeding my daughter and it is completely ideal. It means I can feed in bed and if I get thirsty can simply reach for the drinking tube and keep hydrated. The need to keep hydrated whilst breastfeeding is often overlooked, especially by me, but this Hydrant completely solves the problem.
The Hydrant couldn’t be easier to use and requires no instructions or real effort whatsoever. Mine is simply clipped to the side of the bed with the tube running behind my pillow and I can easily grab it and drink when I’m feeding my daughter. I also use it downstairs as feeding her and handling a glass or cup always ends up with her getting wet. Brilliant idea – would be brilliant if a range was launched for young kids to clip to prams etc.
I wish I’d had one when I was in hospital having my babies!”
bethanchloe, Amazon
These reviews certainly show the wide range of different customers out there!

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