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Image of an eldery lady wearing a turquoise Bibetta pashmina whilst smiling and holding a plate of biscuitsMany items designed for protecting clothes from spills and drips aren’t exactly inspiring. The traditional baby’s bib idea simply isn’t acceptable for the modern man or woman. A discreet and dignified solution is necessary and these clothes protecting pashminas offer just that.

Pashmina style clothes protectors are ideal to wear on top of clothes to provide protection from food and drink spills or even excess salivation. They look natural and even complement your outfit and ensure your clothes remain 100% clean underneath.

Pashminas can be worn like a normal neck scarf but provide all the functionality of a standard bib. The products are a great quality and give people the respect and dignity they deserve. No adult wants to be out and about with a bib around their necks. Functionality is a key factor too, users have remarked that this style of protection is appealing and one tweet remarked that ‘if I needed a clothes protector this is infinitely better than any other’.

Pashminas come in a range of colours and sizes and are soft and gentle against the skin. They appear silk-like but provide the protection needed to protect the clothes from unwanted stains and spills. The product is made up of three layers. The top layer can be seen clearly and looks attractive and natural, it is also absorbent and wicks away moisture to protect the skin. The middle layer is absorbent and the back layer provides the waterproof sheath to keep the clothes fully protected.

Image composed of three women each wearing a different colour or style of Bibetta pashmina clothing protector

Image of a blonde lady wearing an emerald green Bibetta protective pashminaThey’re designed to be long-lasting and durable and can be popped into the washing machine at 40°C. Most people wouldn’t even realise it was anything but an average scarf, providing the wearer with comfort and peace of mind.

Pashminas are designed to easily taken on and off if necessary, with a Velcro backing at the fastening behind the neck.

What our Customers Think

Pashminas are extremely popular with people who realise there’s a need to provide wearers with style as well as practicality. Too many items designed for practical reasons look clinical. Take a look below at some of the Pashmina reviews out there.

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