Product Review – Trabasack Max

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Photograph of the Trabasack Max Lap Tray Bag viewed from aboveIt’s here! The long awaited luxury addition to the ever-growing Trabasack range of lap desk bags. The Trabasack Max follows the inimitable design and usability features of it’s predecessors with the addition of some stylish upgrades and an increase in carrying capacity.

The Trabasack Max includes the indispensable lap desk feature as seen on all bags in the range. A purpose designed tray top work space with a comfortable and levelling bean bag base. The innovative strap design allows the bag to be worn in a number of ways, including as a backpack or a messenger bag or carried as a luxury laptop briefcase.


Photograph showing the side view of the Trabasack Max in black, with a Harris Tweed herringbone fabric trimAll of the lap desk bags in the Trabasack range were created with style and functionality in mind, the Max takes desirability one step further, with the addition of an optional Harris Tweed trim, making the Max the most luxurious and functional lap desk bag to date.

Harris Tweed is known globally for its signature herringbone weave of grey and black, and every yard of fabric is crafted by hand in the Outer Hebrides. As with all garments and products featuring Harris Tweed, the Trabasack Max carries an embroidered label of authenticity, assuring the quality and high grade craftsmanship of the bag.
Close-up photograph of the burgundy satin lining of the interior of the Trabasack Max
Inside the new Trabasack Max, the user will find an increased internal capacity, as well as expandable zipped panel for even greater space. Designed with travel and business in mind, the deep burgundy satin interior adds yet more luxury and style to this unique designer fashion briefcase. It also includes a zipped document holder, accessory nets and business card pocket, to provide the ultimate in organisation when on the go.

The spacious internal compartment can store larger electronic equipment, such as 15.6″ laptops, along with iPads, clothing for business trips, and all manner of everyday accessories such as keys, stationery, wallets, phones and chargers.

Interior view of the Trabasack Max with the bag zipped open to reveal burgundy satin lining, and carry-contents including eyeglasses, an ipad, shirt, stationery and a magazineTrabasack Max is padded and hard-wearing, ensuring all contents of the bag remain safe and secure whilst in transit, and the much-lauded inclusion of a lap desk on one side provides a steady and sturdy surface for working no matter what the location.

The Trabasack Max is available in both the fashionable Harris Tweed trim and also in stylish black, and can be purchased for £84.95 and £64.95 respectively.


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