Product Review – Trabasack

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Illustration logo for Trabasack - Reads "Trabasack" in white, on a black background with an orange curved line above the top left and bottom right.Recommended by therapists, assistive technology experts and most importantly parents themselves, Trabasack is an innovative lap tray solution which can be used with all wheelchairs and is suitable for home and school use.

The Trabasack Curve Connect model has been designed to fit the contours of the body and has a handy ‘connect’ surface which gives users the ability to stick toys, educational materials and other items to the tray safely.

Image of a young boy in a wheelchair, taking part in sensory play on top of a Trabasack laptray bagTrabasack was designed and created by the mum of a child with epilepsy and therefore has the varying needs of children with special needs at the heart of its design. It’s been designed to provide children with a personal tray space which can be used for a number of purposes.

The black surface has been chosen purposefully so children can focus on the objects on the tray and not the tray itself and despite being spacious it is also lightweight and comfortable, easily sitting on a child’s lap without feeling heavy. Comfort is key to the design with no sharp edges or corners and a soft surface.

Image of a Trabasack bag in black, with orange trim, hanging from the back of a buggyWhere the Trabasack differs from other products is that it combines this tray function with a handy storage bag where all toys, books and other items can be kept safely when not in use. The range of carry options means parents can pop it on their back like a rucksack, over their shoulders or it can be hung from the back of a wheelchair.

With recommendations from leading professionals in assistive technology including Ian Bean and Flo Longhorn Trabasack has been noted as especially useful for children with visual impairments and as a mount for switches and other AAC devices.

Trabasack is machine washable and can be used consistently throughout the day from meal times to entertainment in the car to school. It can simply be unstrapped and attached to any chair and it’s this versatility which makes the product so useful.

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