Photograph of the Trabasack Max Lap Tray Bag viewed from above

Product Review – Trabasack Max

It’s here! The long awaited luxury addition to the ever-growing Trabasack range of lap desk bags. The Trabasack Max follows the inimitable design and usability features of it’s predecessors with the addition of some stylish upgrades and an increase in carrying capacity. The Trabasack Max includes the indispensable lap desk feature as seen on all […]

Image of a bright green Bibetta baby dribble bib on a white background

Product Review – Bibetta Baby Bibs

We’re not big bib people – I was happy enough to change Jessamy’s tops when she was smaller if she got covered in food which amazingly didn’t happen very often. Lottie is different. Lottie is a food demon, she grabs things before they’re even confirmed as hers and this Friday had the top slice of […]