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Stylish, lightweight and brimming with accessible features – the Trabasack Curve lap tray bag is a modern alternative to traditional wheelchair trays: a handy carry bag with a firm, faux-leather tray build-in to one side.

The Trabasack Curve can be used both at home or out-and-about with speed and ease, and will provide you with a safe storage bag for daily essentials, along with a reliable wheelchair tray with a multitude of uses.

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The Trabasack Curve is a modern, stylish and practical alternative to traditional, bulky wheelchair trays.

This innovative, British-designed Trabasack Curve is a handy carry bag bag with a sturdy lap tray built-in to one side. It features a removable beanbag insert that ensures the tray surface remains level and steady, whilst also keeping your lap comfortable at all times and without causing unnecessary pressure upon your legs.

The firm, flat faux-leather tray surface is wipe-clean and durable, and provides the ideal surface for eating and drinking, working, writing, reading, using laptops and more whilst out-and-about.

Unlike traditional wheelchair trays that can be bulky and heavy, the lightweight design of the Trabasack Curve makes fitting, removing and using it as easy as can be, using the quick-release buttons and large ring-pull zips. The ergonomic shape of the Curve means it fits snug and secure around the waist at all times, providing you with a steady tray surface that is reliable enough even to carry drinks without spillage.

Other fantastic features of the Trabasack Curve include easy-access ring-pull zips, quick release strap buckles and a useful internal compartment, that can store all of your everyday essentials, including wallet, keys, medication, books, tablet computers and even your lunch.

When not in used as a tray – attached around the waist in a bumbag style, the Curve can be stored over the handles of your wheelchair, or using the straps provided, can be carried in hand as a briefcase, over the chest/shoulders in a messenger bag style, or on the back as a rucksack.

The Trabasack Curve is machine washable at 30 degrees, weatherproof and created using the highest quality, durable materials, providing you with a stylish, practical and modern alternative to traditional wheelchair trays.

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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 39 × 37 × 8 cm

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