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No Barriers to Activity: Finding your Fitness

No Barriers to Activity: Finding your Fitness Getting into exercise as a disabled person can seem like an additional challenge. Many people with disabilities are highly active and involved in many different activities, with busy social calendars, working lives and lifestyles, but what about fitness? The lack of fitness in the UK and beyond is […]

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Product Review – Greeper Sports Laces

Using Greepers for Triathlons Greeper reviews and tips, from the UK’s number one best-selling triathlon magazine TRI LACES A lace that ensures a secure fit and swift transition will harness those hundreds of training hours – Greeper laces chosen as 220 Triathlon’s ‘Best on Test’. Cheltenham-based Greeper have scored highly in our tests before. Their […]

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Product Review – Greepers

Greepers top the list of no stigma inclusive products and make wearing shoes with laces possible for children who may have had sensory or physical problems with them before. Greepers are award winning patented shoe laces which simply do not come undone yet can be loosened and tightened with ease. Greepers are highly inclusive and […]